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Men are always attracted to women’s breasts

It is a fact that men are attracted to women’s breasts. Why is this part of the female anatomy an object of fascination and fantasy among these gentlemen? Scientists and researchers have wondered. Here are their thoughts, as well as the lighting of Evelyne Dillenseger, sexologist and couple therapist. In order to find more about the Hot busty Girl, you may always take the help of the internet.

Breasts catch the eye

The chest is an attribute of seduction in women. The breasts attract the eye and women can play by highlighting them through tight clothing, snap necklines or push up bras. When a man looks at a woman, his eyes tend to linger on his forms, so his breasts and buttocks mainly. However, when it comes to sexual arousal, men respond more easily to visual stimuli than women. Men can guess the shape of the breasts through women’s clothes, so they can let their imagination and their fantasies go. Breasts also stoke the curiosity of men. This part of the body distinguishes men from women. Men with no developed chest, they are curious to explore.  Women’s breasts intrigue men and they wonder what women can feel when touching their breasts, adds our sex therapist.

Breasts as first sexual contacts

Breasts are often the first sexual contact of men with a woman during adolescence. After kissing, the breast can be the second step in discovering sexuality through foreplay. Men like softness, size and the shape of their breasts, which is a pleasant area for them to caress.

An area that they can excite and excites them

The chest is an erogenous zone in some women and men like to linger because the breasts react when they are stimulated, which increases their excitement.  The nipples are erectile and the breasts swell under the effect of caresses. The man feels pleasure at the excitement he gives his partner.

No, not all men prefer big tits

We tend to say that men prefer big breasts. Some even wondered why generous breasts were favoured by men. A man looks at big breasts as a proof of good health, if they are generous and firm. Well formed breasts and hips are the pledge, in the eyes of a male, that the female is fertile, since her hormones have shaped this potential mother body. Instinctively, a man would react as a future father admiring a beautiful woman as it will be fascinated by a handsome man with broad shoulders and athlete’s body. For several years, we have observed a strong comeback of small breasts, as a sexy asset, in magazines. The times are changing, and this shows that women with small breasts are just as attractive as those with bigwigs.